Ryan Owen 10/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

Rocky Balboa is like a chirpy Rocky Marciano in post-career decline, except with as much saccharine and sentimentality injected into the film as Stallone has of botox in his face. This is most evident when Bill Conti's theme kicks in, juxtaposed with the usual montage of punching meat as well as K9's less successful brother being held aloft at the steps. Yes, nostalgia is felt…along with the word 'dafty' being uttered at Stallone.

However, the fight scenes are devoid of ingenuity and lead one to suspect that Sky Sports were hired to film the climax, clashing horribly with what came before. If that wasn't enough Rocky is a shadow of his former self, barely able to speak a full word without Brandoing it up. Or is it his Mam's botox? Either way, bring on Rambo IV: The Wrath of Skegness.