Sarah Blasko - All I Want

Tiffany Daniels 23/05/2010

Rating: 5/5

Sydney's Sarah Blasko is famed for her kosher production techniques, idyllic vocals and stellar penmanship: active as a solo artist since 2002's 6-track debut Prelusive, she was nominated for several AIRA Music Awards before finally winning Best Pop Release in 2007 for her second studio album What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have.

'All I Want' is taken from 2009's As Day Follows Night, and it embodies everything that is good and right about the singer-songwriter's music. Brimming with complex human emotions set to simple yet enthralling sentiment, the track rolls into a glorious field of subtle instrumentation, but Blasko's infamous lush vocals take president over the coy warbles of melody. To the uninitiated, the 33-year-old draws heavy comparison to fellow Australian Lisa Mitchell, but in reality the luminary's accomplished work stands tall and mighty next to the young Pop Idol competitor.

Release Date: Out Now