Johnny Foreigner - Feels Like Summer

TC 10/07/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

It was Miss Fliss here who gave prophecy of a twee revival on the horizon and I guess that Johnny Foreigner find themselves jostled under that banner. Last year's debut album Waited Up 'Til It Was Light met with a fair amount of critical acclaim, although I personally found it lacking in too many areas, at a time when Los Campesinos! and The Infadels were producing similar material but of a much higher standard.

Well the Birmingham trio are poised to launch their 'difficult' second album in October and I reckon they need to dig a little deeper to avoid being demolished over it. This three-track single is available as a free download from their website (although the promo CD only had one track on it for some reason!) and it certainly shows more ambition, although only a hint of the potential to overcome sophomore destruction.

The title track is a punchy enough number that kicks off with a guitar riff I swear is stolen from a Feeder song. It then turns into a frivolously bumpy ride, although doesn't really get too far off the ground and fizzles out after less than two minutes. Camp Kelly Calm illustrates a bit more refinement, with a zig-zaggy guitar being broken down by some slower moments that works well, although the melody is relatively weak. Finally,Wow, Just Wow rises, falls and clatters about with lots of chanting and not a whole lot of substance.

Whilst I struggle to get too enthusiastic over a twee revival, if it does happen then Johnny Foreigner will be worthy of a spot. Whether they or twee survives beyond the decade is much less likely or even concerning come to that!