Engerica - My Demise

Tim Miller 25/07/2005

Rating: 4/5

The titles say it best; My Demise and Arsehole are the two song names here and which give some big hints as to the sort of sound on offer. Weighing in at 1:53, My Demise is a short, sharp burst of furious noise. There is a lot squeezed into the sub 2-minute single, when it kicks into loud, pounding dissonant guitar riffs, which link well with the interesting vocals of Engerica frontman David Gardner: the chorus is almost spoken, backed by wall to wall frenzied yelps, while during the verses he alternates between whispers and screams. Despite running its course so soon, My Demise is certainly promising, portraying a young band with a raw enthusiasm, and an original twist on the all too easily imitated genre of angst-driven metal. Arsehole, the B-Side here, is a slightly more regular affair, with more screaming and dissonance in the style of early At The Drive-In. Nevertheless, a general mood akin to Sex Pistols prevails, and with a bit of care, and reaching the right audience, Engerica won't be contemplating a real demise too soon.