Silver Columns - Cavalier

Rhian Daly 19/04/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Joining the current wave of artists shrouded in mystery, Silver Columns set pulses racing last year with their white label releases 'Brow Beaten' and 'Yes, and Dance'. Now revealed to be the joint workings of Adem and The Pictish Trail, the duo a forging a path for intelligent, infectious dance music that doesn't rely on old, rehashed tricks to get under the skin.

'Cavalier' (their first release on the always impeccable Moshi Moshi label, continues on their good work), a whirl of furious handclaps and soft, yearning vocals layered over incessant synth stabs. It's probably the only dance song to mention a pestle and mortar, which instantly earns it an extra sackful of gold stars.

Backed with reworkings from both Time & Space Machine and Astronomer, 'Cavalier' sounds ace however it's arranged - be it twice its original length and far more open and sparse, or with an added galactic glimmer.

Release Date: 19/04