Towers Of London - I'm A Rat

Matt Harrold 09/03/2007

Rating: 1/5

You'd think that Towers of London would have taken the hint by now and thrown in the towel. Most people were thinking “Who the…?” when Donny Tourette walked into Celebrity Big Brothers to do his own Preston and come out a much loved minor celebrity…yeah, right. Mean while in cloud cuckoo land Bush has given Iraq back to the people, ratified Kyoto Protocol and given up his ambition to kick start a new nuclear arms race. Still Celebrity Big Brother must of had a better reaction then their 'reality' Tv show on the Bravo channel. How f**king poor must you be to not be picked up by either ITV or Channel 4 and instead end up on the FHM of cable Tv channels?

Well what is there to say about the song itself? Well if you crossed a second rate Guns'n'Roses with a third rate Sex Pistols and then added in forth rate throw away lyrics such as “straight from the gutter/you better watch your step” you'd almost be there. It's formulated dross of the worst kind where you can almost hear the cogs working in the record labels heads as they butcher any credibility in the production. Punk rock is not supposed to sound glossy, the whole ethos is supposed to be DIY “Stick it to the man!”. Not lining his pockets. Oh well, we can but only hope that the Towers of London shelf life will expire very soon.