Wall Street Riots - One More Ride

Nick Lewis 06/09/2009

Rating: 3/5

This unsigned London group describe themselves as “aggressive pop”, the aggressive part seems a little like wishful thinking on the part of a band who list Glassjaw, Gallows and System of a Down amongst their influences (excellently, as well as Hilary Duff and Lily Allen). What this track is, is a straight ahead pop/rock track, but in a much more interesting fashion than the usual pop/punk tripe that gets put out by rock bands trying to go mainstream.

It's pretty standard: wall of sound power chords, wordless vocal hooks, syncopated hi-hats (a la Franz Ferdinand) but it's strong foot-tapping, head nodding stuff. What really sets Wall Street Riots apart is their singer. Far from having that tired mockney accent that every rock band down south seems to have these days (up north they copy Alex Turner) Charlie Cosser sounds positively like a young Mike Patton. Perhaps he doesn't have the same range or prowess, but the tone is unmistakable, and it is so refreshing to hear someone actually sing on one of these records rather than yelp as 'singers' are wont to do post landfill indie.

It's not going to change your world, but if you feel like jumping about to some catchy and new rock music, then this could be for you.

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