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We present Ace Bushy Striptease's track by track explaination of their latest album it's the next part of our introducing the band pieces, a series of features on and by an emerging act selected by us here at GIITTV for special attention.

Ace Bushy Striptease kind of explain their latest album track by track

1: Wrestle; Eat; Cry

Jeremy: This was written in rehearsal room I think. I was commenting on how I liked the drum bit in MRBLKRSHRRRRs' 'Jackie Collins' and decided to play it-ish, so that's why the rhythm is like, identical, and Bas put that killer riff on top. I assume that's why he's ended up warbling about Jackie Collins at the end too. I added the screams in the Cat On Formy bit at some point. It was probably an introverted day, but regardless, it seemed like a fitting start to the album. It would be nice to play it live one day but apparently it's in drop D or something so would require too much faffing around between songs or so I'm told (until we get like guitar techs and other silly things).

2: Pain In The Aga

Simon: Light relief maybe, it's only the second song on the record but yeah perhaps it works there to stop it from getting too heavy too quickly. It was the first song we ever had Eve sing on and she was really good at it. Musically it's a bit of a pop punk thrash but you've got have one every now and again. Lyrically it's sub Malkmus jibber jabber.

3: Adam Jackson Spreads Like Wildfire

J: Adam Jackson was the only member of We Aeronauts we hadn't wrote about yet, so with him being particularly brill, we decided to dedicate a whole song to him. Well, a chorus maybe, but he plays the trumpet on it too!

4: HM9 (Waterfall)

Basith: Started out on acoustic with just one verse, didn't write any more verses so decided to repeat it (this happens a lot). I only had the verse and chorus parts done, the intro, breakdown, outro were worked out with the rest of the band in rehearsal. It's about superimposing one waterfall onto another.

5: All I Wanted For Christmas Was Alan Gow But He Had A Bio-Mechanical Spine Problem

J: Had this title kicking around ever since Wolves didn't sign Alan Gow because of his bio-mechanical spine problem, which at the time (Christmas nearly), was mildly upsetting. It all turned out pretty well really in that regard in the end and we managed to glean a song out of it that kind of fits into whatever vague story we're trying to contrive out of this album tracklisting. Another rehearsal room Jeremy plays simple drum bit Bas and Simon make good song. Adam Jackson plays trumpet on this too.

6: Let Us Sit Quietly And Listen To Pop Punk feat. Miles LookiMakeMusic

S: The standard Simongetsmarginalisedinthestudio song for this album. It was jigsawed together with no real view of what it was going to be like but it came out pretty well maybe.

The intro keyboard part was written in a ridiculous sequence of time signatures, each bar was a different number of beats but that kind of got lost somewhere and it sounds pretty standard now but rest assured that we were counting 1-2-3-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-1-2-1 (or something along those lines) at one point during the recording.

We swam in guest performers on this one, the harmonica was blown by James Maund from We Aeronauts and the spoken word interlude is from Miles Bradley from LookiMakeMusic. The song starts with the girl really fancying the boy but the boy's not particularly interested but by the end they've switched over as is often the case. First Ace Bushy song to mention cadavers and suffocation (nearly) also.

7: Children's Eyelash Trimming Device

S: This is the oldest song on the record, it had been festering since before our first one so it's about time we got rid of it. It's loud and fast which we're pretty happy with. Words for the slow quiet bit near the end were roughly influenced by the kid in the first Toy Story movie who destroys all the toys. It's much easier to write about things getting broken than things being ok. There is a weird effect on the guitar in the slow bit that shouldn't be there, it makes it sound bad.

The title is from the 'The World's Longest Limousine For Cattle' school of song titles.

8: Show Yr Working

B: Had these plucky chords that progressed nicely, mumbled some emoy words over them but it doesn't last very long so no one got too alarmed about the outpouring. We top it out with some noise cause our guitars and drums have asked us to make the most of them from time to time, we complied by playing them harder.

9: 490 Fights Before Midnight

J: This song is about how sometimes things are just better spontaneous. The best songs, the best nights out, the best moments with people are always the ones that catch me by surprise. You could be trying really hard to write a specific song one day but constantly hitting a bloody wall, when the next just messing around you could come up with something even better. Fuck rigidity, or something like that.

I had the lyrics for a while and asked the guys to write the next The Quiet Things No-one Ever Knows. They got pretty close I think: Simon wrote the bass and guitar, which was then taken on by Basith, who carved it up even better and made the vocals actually good and we came up with the structure and things after a few practice room thrash arounds. Sorry Jesse.

10: Bon Nuit, J'ai Changé Mon Esprit

S: Lyrics are an indepth (lolz) look at Ace Bushy love lives at the turn of the year 09/10. The rap bit near the end is talking about St Phillip's Cathedral in Birmingham. There are small circular lights around the base of it designed I guess to light up the cathedral at night time but yeah when it was snowing earlier in the year the whole area around the cathedral was smothered white except these perfect little circles where the lights had melted the snow. That same week I walked past two huge bloody patches, one in the square by the cathedral and another near the Odeon on New Street, I guess people had fallen over and dropped some baked beans or something. The rest is emo smoosh.

11: It's A Race

B: Was a fully formed song when I (Bas) took it to the band, they seemed to like it so we made it into a tune. My favourite bit is the intro with the two chords and drums. The outro was a semi successful rip off of the outro of Alec Eiffel by Pixies. It's our most topical song ever and we promise never to do it again k.

12: I'llfinishyrfinish (I'll Finish You)

J: This song is about people who infuriate you so much you just want to crawl up on their tongue and scream yr hardest at them. Everyone has these people right? And specifically for me here, other drummers. Well not all, just the pretentious self-important materialistic ones who value their next cymbal stand purchase over having an imagination and for whom values such as 'sharing' are apparently too novel. And even more specifically, the title refers to someone we played with once who had a massive go at the lovely promoter for putting fairy lights on his bass drum, as it would 'ruin the finish.' I mean, yeah.

So anyway I had this nasty little vocal line and asked the guys to make a nasty little sense of dread around it before we started screaming and making lots of noise. Then we decided we didn't have any kraut songs so Bas came up with a 30 second Kraut outro.

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