States Of Emotion - The Unsung

TC 13/07/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Kicking off with a trademark Will Sergeant swirling guitar, the second single from this Essex quartet floats neatly into an eighties pastiche, like so much of the current crop, yet with a similar degree of refinement as offered up by Echo & The Bunnymen back then. 'The Unsung' though has the measure of something more anthemic about it, both in musical arrangement and lyrical content. That approach too steps a dubious line I guess, but with a feel of revelry akin to The Levellers, States Of Emotion just manage to straddle over the bar here too.

There's enough quality in sound and commitment to suggest promise of things to come. The band has been together since before leaving school and that provides for a confident execution and a gestation period that ought to bear fruit. In today's cobblestoned road to fame and fortune, they may need to dig a little deeper to make an impact, but it's worth keeping tracks on them on the basis they could just have enough about them to make it through.

Release Date: Out Now