Ricky Tomlinson - Christmas My Arse

Paul Cook 20/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

Every Year, along with bucket-loads of presents and literally tons of food, Christmas time brings with it several cheesy, corporate songs, all vying for the prestigious Christmas number one. Ricky Tomlinson's new single is the antitode to this typically trashy selection. It mocks the traditional Christmas image with classic Jim Royle pessimism. Satire only works when the truth is made funny, Tomlinson has mastered the art.

All jokes aside, the single is actually very catchy with typical Christmas merriment except with not so merry lyrics. Tomlinson is far from talented in the singing department, but this isn't supposed to be a musical revelation. Track one is Tomlinson's version of the song and track two is a karaoke version for all the family! I haven't tried singing along yet but with a few Christmas drinks track two is likely to get it's debut.

This CD rocketing to a shock Christmas number one looks rather doubtful, with X-factor winner Leona Lewis likely to release a festive track, and the usual contenders back in the race - Take That and Westlife. But Bob the Builder managed it! So why can't Jim Royle?Two pound is a small price to pay for a very funny Christmas. There's a scrooge in every family and this CD is an ideal present.