The Squid - Living With My Granny In Dumbarton/I Hate The Royal Bank of Scotland

Beckie Jordan 12/02/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

A rather strange package landed on my doormat the other day, and as I investigated further I realised this particular package was a little different. Hailing from the mean streets of Glasgow, The Squid, as their affectionatly known, consist of Jospeh Greatorex, Geoffrey Mackenzie and Nora Noonan, the self confessed "powerpop bastards" of said fair city.

Both tracks on this demo certainly show the capacity the band has to try different style from either end of the musical spectrum. Living With My Granny is a power-pop/metal/punk mixture that granny certainly wouldn't like. Energetic and infectious, there's a tinge of affected youth among the cynical lyrics. This is no more so in the fabulously kitch I Hate The Royal Bank of Scotland. As a member of the afformentioned bank I smiled with a quite satisfaction and knowing. A highly charged infusion of angry lyrics and pure punk musicianship make this a humourous yet honest track.

The Squid have a certain freshness about them, without wanting to break any particular musical boundry. With tracks like these, their raw energy and enthusiasm will take them far.