Electroluvs - Boys Don\'t Bother

Lauren McKettrick 03/02/2006

Rating: 1/5

Electronic duo Electroluvs release this double-A side as a taster for their forthcoming second album, Bubblewrapped. Now with this title in mind, when I pressed play to hear Boys Don't Bother for the first time - it was not what I expected at all.

My speakers must have been in pain. My ears certainly were. Every instrument stabs through you like a thousand tiny needles are being pierced into your head repeatedly. The vocals are harsh, the melody is tense and rigid and the analogue - what only can be described as noise tears through you like that terribly annoying high pitched sound you sometimes hear while watching TV that makes you want to block your ears up with cotton wool. However, the final few seconds contains some beautiful soft synths which just about save this song from being one big painful experience.

Teenage Timebomb is better (and more comfortable on the ears) but not by much. The melody is slightly catchier and has this head-bopping quality to it which is rather fun, but everything seems to falls apart at the chorus. I was quite shocked at the sudden departure of all the music and just the laughable lyrics being “sung” (if you can say that's singing) “bing bang bong you're a teenage timebomb” oh dear what happened?! After hearing that for the first time, the song lost all sense of credibility and became repetitive and annoying.

There are two more tracks on this single that are remixes of the two precious songs, and these remain unmoving. During Teenage Timebomb, the amount of times “teenage timebomb” is said over and over and over made me feel like I was trapped in those few seconds of time that I just couldn't escape from.

If Electroluvs manage to write some decent lyrics, instead of just filling songs with repetitive words and phrases then I think it would be inevitable that the songs would be slightly enjoyable - if you can get past the ear shattering synths and electronics first.