Argon 40 - Stay / Free Fallin'

Richard Wink 19/07/2009

Rating: 3/5

An interesting new project from singer songwriter Heather Green and a former member of the totally bro metal band Powerman 5000 Adam Williams, bizarrely Green's vocals remind me a hell of a lot of Mel C, her voice piquing in the heavy synthesizers.

Stay has a strange futuristic feel, on the surface it is glib electronica with little apparent depth, but the single is timely, we are getting used to synth-pop again, so Stay doesn't feel out of place. That being said memories of the song soon dissolves, the lack of an evident hook and the fact that the song is so laidback means Stay is good rather than great.

The cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' is a nice touch, though I'm not sure the track has much appeal to UK listeners since Petty isn't really much of a deal over here. It's alright, dazzling with a neon electro glare. This is going to sound controversial but I believe soppy douchbag John Mayer's cover of the song stands up better.

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