Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker

Daniel Smith 30/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

For saying that they started off their career by calling us all vampires, its quite surprising how united we, in the music press, are in our adulation of the Arctic Monkeys. In the wake of Favourite Worst Nightmare's widespread critical acclaim, music journos the length and breath of the country are united under the alt-indie simians' banner, and 'Teddy Picker' is the third single from the said album in line to be lavished with unmitigated praise.

'Teddy Picker', is a typical Monkeys' affair; a bright, riff-driven pop treat, laced with lyrics that are as clever as they are cynical. But the main, nay crucial, thing that sets the track apart is the newfound confidence it demonstrates. 'Teddy Picker' is the sound of a band finally comfortable in its own skin, and last vestiges of the hesitation that sometimes crept into the band's earlier work have disappeared entirely, as Turner screams his lyrics into the microphone with newfound vigour. It seems that the Monkeys' have finally, albeit reluctantly, accepted the rock star roles that have been thrust upon them by their acid-tongued arch nemeses, and they are a better band for it.

You're welcome, guys.

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Release Date: 3/12/2007

The Arctic Monkeys will be embarking on a sold out tour of the U.K. in December,

8th London Alexandra Palace
9th London Alexandra Palace

11th Manchester Central (Formerly G Mex)
12th Manchester Central

14th Aberdeen AECC
15th Aberdeen AECC