Duke Raoul - The Local News

Owain Paciuszko 02/03/2009

Rating: 3/5

What was distinctive about Duke Raoul when performing live is diluted on this three track (and a radio edit); opening with the title track that mixes Art Brut with Bloc Party to pleasing pop effect, but feeling some what restrained despite Alex Painter's best efforts on vocals.

Officer rattles along suddenly with all the dissapointing gusto of an Arctic Monkeys-soundalike with a Franz Ferdinand-style break thrown in for good measure, it's fast and cluttered but uninspired.

Fortunately things are saved by How Frightful a slow number that finds Painter's vocals on fine, mournful form over great atmospherics that build together nicely as the lyrics ache bitterly 'Have I come on too strong?/Consider this a love song.' It's a brilliant song and raises this little record up onto its shoulders and saves it from indie-band-anonymity.