Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - I Spy

Louise Evans 19/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

Having found commercial and critical success with debut album The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager, Get Cape (otherwise known as Sam Duckworth) is giving 'I Spy' another opportunity to shine. Originally released on his self-titled EP then in combination with 'Call Me Ishmael' last year, it is now backed by a remix by Metronomy and an acoustic version of recent single 'War Of The Worlds'.

Compared to both earlier versions and previous singles, this seems slightly lacking. Whereas his lyrics often deal with large scale social issues such as racism and excessive consumerism in an intelligent thought-provoking way, 'I Spy' is a simple retort to his critics. In turning his attention to a new personal subject Duckworth has lost some of his usual eloquence; lines like \"I spy with my little eye and it doesn't matter that this song is a simple tune, even though it's not what I'm supposed to do\" may be excused as this is one of his earliest songs but we are now used to better. The EP version had a charm which came in part from the DIY feel of the production. Money from the move to a major label may have allowed a higher standard of production, yet the new slickness achieved cancels out a lot of what was appealing to many fans in the first place.

This release is unlikely to be strong enough to win Get Cape any new fans but equally it won't diminish his popularity.