thejessicaquestion - Everything Between Us

Tim Miller 12/02/2005

Rating: 2/5

It's hard to know whether, when deciding what to include on this CD, thejessicaquestion were three quarters of the way through an album and ran out of ideas, or whether they were intent on making an EP and kind of overran a little. If it was the latter, then despite the choice, it's difficult to find 4 tracks that would have adequately filled a standard length EP, never mind this overlong one.

Alternating between clean guitars and a Placebo-ish fuzz effect, it is the more up tempo songs - namely Houdini and Chinaman - that provides any significance to the CD. This is, presumably, to awaken the listener from a stupor induced by the lack of interest in most of the other, mid tempo songs. And having a song called December that's nearly 11 minutes long to close this E/LP is pushing it too far. It's the bleak midwinter indeed.

There is simply nothing to take particular note of here; no real emotion, no killer riffs, no hooks, no clever music, no clever lyrics. Though it might possibly be due to a somewhat restrained production, thejessicaquestion certainly don't seem to have the answers: to anything at all.