Stewart Lee, Carey Marx - Edinburgh Fringe 2008 Blog: Part Four

Alex Skinner 18/08/2008

Day 4

Feeling like a change of pace I swayed over to give a newcomer a chance, first on the agenda was Jamie Kilstein.

Jamie Kilstein: There Is No God and That's OK

Raw, dark and controversial. The young comic set his stall out early whilst streaming through hot topics including Homosexuals, God's will, Mormons, Jews, Jesus, suicide bombers and the idea of heaven. All with a sprinkle of descriptive free flowing words along the lines of a 'Puppy that shits happy'.

Jamie identifies the valid point that racism is not the race of people that perform crime, nay, it is because of the class of the people. Hicks inspired to the core, the poet Jamie has youth on his side with plenty of fire in the belly to unleash on unsuspecting audiences. The performance is a great work in progress and one to watch, especially when those feet get found.

3/5 or 6.5/10

Stewart Lee time!

Watching a master of his trade is a strange thing to admire from a packed room. Seeing a true legend in the flesh performing in a sell-out venue in the gut of the fringe is a special thing to have. 'My children will hear of this story', I think to myself as Stu unravels his material. This includes a novelty vinyl expressing 'How to become a comedian' featuring such observations of Homosexuals, women with big boobs and Cock caught in zipper. Sharp as a whip Lee dissects the record in all its glory, creating a sarcastic spectacle.

As if on an emotional piece of string, Lee plays the crowd like a beautiful symphony, never losing them for a moment. Feathers are ruffled in a cleverly snide way of resentment for some things that annoy him. Travel lodges, or Jack Dee's material stealing: “It is Curb Your Enthusiasm said in a British accent”. Rush reviewing rubbish autobiographical books such as C. Moyle's and Asher D made for a few giggles but the power shone through in the final half of the act.
Radio 4 was on the hit list. Stu made the voice tones of how dire the comedy set up is, targeting the middle class and middle aged audience (after identifying he is both). Those punch line delivery tones “Starts high and finishing low ”. Then again “Starting high pitch and the punch line is low. High to low. High…to low”. Radio 4 comedy is not funny and behind the times. Lee then finishes pointing the finger at the crowd sarcastically for supporting the long list of 'best things ever seen, ever' when the repetition of Dellboy falling at the bar. Loaded with subtext people must think about what he said for a few days to process the messages. The set is multi-facetted and multi-layered like an alternative comedy onion. So dastardly impressive, it is impressively impressive. Stewart Lee is a comedy great.

4/5 or 8/10

Carey Marx: Careyness

Not afraid to bridge the gap of what is to be considered 'decent' Marx starts the fun. Carey is a true professional who plays with the crowd, then teases them into submission with the concept of their own sense of security. BAM! Hitting an unsuspecting crowd with the hard stuff first of all to catch them off guard, the naughty Carey wins them back quickly and keeps this routine going smoothly. Once lulled, Marx pounces with toying with their levels of Political Correctness and general decency. Great to watch, this act takes form due to the power techniques implemented.

Carey's top 10 list: Misogyny, Race, 'Mentals' (mentally disabled), Suicide and cancer, Islam, 'C*nt', Paedophiles, Rape, mass deaths and the N bomb.

Everyone should see Carey Marx, he is a magician on stage (both in the literal and comedy magician). The list acts as a clever route into the middle of the act and holds any audience's countdown span. It also gives Carey the opportunity to deconstruct phrases, words, double, double intenders and much more. It is an insight to how a great writer, writes material. Evident when things like proximity and intent are questioned and are important to a joke's set up. Ask about the law of midgets. The genuine glee in his eyes indicates such love for constructing greatly prepared material.

4/5 OR 7.5/10