Braintax - Syriana Style

Bill Cummings 28/02/2007

'Syriana Style' / 'Anti-Grey' is the new single from rapper, producer and label owner Braintax, out on the 12th of March.

Born in the Yorkshire Dales and now residing in central London this is not your average hip-hop artist. Both tracks are taken from his new album 'Panorama' and showcase Braintax's Northern delivery political lyrics.

According to the blurb: 'Syriana Style' is perhaps the most outspoken track from the 'Panorama' album; a record that's already picked up attention and praise from the New Statesman, Socialist Worker and Hip-Hop Connection, and lead to Braintax appearing on BBC2's Daily Politics show.

“The whole point of Panorama is to think outside the box, see the bigger picture and broaden our minds,” he explains.

The record successfully avoids the usual cliché-ridden rap topics, instead casting an unflinching eye over the racism of the war on terror, Bush's disregard of environmental issues and the media's lack of criticism of events abroad. A respected personality within UK hip-hop, Braintax is on a mission to kick the politics back into rap with this release.

'Anti-Grey' plays on Visage's 80s hit 'Fade To Grey' and sees Braintax bring in guest Dubbledge an up-and-coming hotly tipped British rapper and previously signed to Casual Records. Those intrigued by Dubbledge's contribution here should look out for his album due out early next year on Low Life Records.

Does it deliver?Watch the video and make your own mind up: