Villagers - Ship of Promises

Tiffany Daniels 22/09/2010

Rating: 5/5

I dare you to tell me you've not heard of Villagers. Go on, let everybody know about your failure; how you've been living your life without, how you're yet to hear one of 2010's greatest debutants. Based in Cork, Ireland, singer-songwriter Conor J. O'Brien has already been hailed as a pervasive talent by the media, and rightfully so; debut Becoming the Jackal is masterful stuff, set to a gracious and whole backdrop.

Ship of Promises, the second single lifted from the album, is the most driven of the tracks, raging war on the percussion and setting sale to the lyrical imagery that has thus far served the band well. As usual, O'Brien's voice bares an eerie resemblance to Conor Oberst that far surpasses healthy influence, but all is forgiven in light of his stellar penmanship - this man could write his way out of Siberia.

My only criticism of the single is that the promotional edition doesn't include the proposed b-side, a duet between O'Brien and fellow Irish genius Cathy Davey. How Domino can dangle this proverbial carrot in front of my eyes without letting me have a bite is beyond me. It's just cruel.