The Tiny Giants - EP

Owain Paciuszko 27/08/2010

Rating: 2/5

Three track from Leeds based three piece who have been making a kind of lightweight Kasabian-style rock racket since the end of 2009. Opening track You Can Always Come Home has some pretty okay riffage and lead singer James Earl hollers like Dolf de Borst of The Datsuns on an 'off day'. It's a lengthy rock number that kind of meanders rather than struts, fizzles rather than explodes and is a bit of a tepid start to the record. It technically does everything 'right', but this isn't really enough and on record lacks the kind of cocky swagger that might make this pop.

Liquid Confidence opens with a Bluesy stomp and has a reasonably good toe-tapping off-beat, it rumbles towards a slightly fevered chorus as Earl pants 'It's getting hotter, hotter, hotter...' The song's dirty guitar turnaround at the close is a high point. Final track Shades of Grey has a disco bassline from Shaun Scholey and wah-wah guitar, but it's musical glitter doesn't real gel with Earl's vocal performance, the song working best in its instrumental moments.

A somewhat lacklustre record, the songs here waddle down some well worn paths and don't really bring much to a tired genre.