Bashy ft H Boogie - Your Wish

Nick Lewis 30/10/2009

Rating: 3/5

Despite this song being credited to Bashy, the real star is H Boogie (aka Estelle's sister). She has an incredible voice; silky, expressive and a joy to listen to. In fact, I found myself drawn much more to the a capella version, finding it genuinely transfixing. The 'official' version so to speak is another grime artist shooting for Dizzie Rascal chart success and I doubt he'll get it. It's a fairly good song, mining the electro-pop sound for all it's worth and it does have a great (presumably sampled) 80s electric guitar run but it's nothing that will really grab your ear.

Except for H Boogie.

Bashy himself has a good voice, London enough to dispel any idea that he's in thrall to American hip-hop but not grime enough to put off a mass audience, and his delivery is infinitely likeable; I'm just not sure he's got much to him. “Oh is it? LOL you wanna' grant wishes” is either a brilliant appropriation of slang and internet-speak or the sign of a limited vocabulary. In all honesty, I'm not sure where I stand.

Meanwhile, back on the a capella version, H Boogie manages to really convey a smouldering sense of internal conflict as she finds herself rendered all hot and bothered by our hero but knowing that she shouldn't (NB: according to the track Bashy possesses immeasurable appeal to the fairer sex - you have been warned laydeez).

If this track achieves anything, I hope it opens doors for H Boogie beyond those left ajar by her sister.