Avalon Way - We Are... Ep

Matt Churchill 28/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

Avalon Way are an alternative rock four piece from Darwen, Lancashire, (near Blackburn folks) who formed as school friends, spending the last 6 years writing material which has accumulated to form this four track EP.

'We Areā€¦' is a softly crafted yet dark and brooding tune that bursts into life with a catchy chorus and as a mission statement, works well in introducing the band and laying down the foundations for the rest of the CD. ' See What I See' is an aggressive full-on-rock-out track, which although not doing anything particularly new musically, is easy to like and the most accessible track on the record.

'Transparency' is a crash-bang-wallop third song which is very sit-up-and-take-notice and allows frontman Rik Holden to fully express his vocal range, hitting falsetto-country very comfortably. Saving the best for last, 'Now We're Falling' borders on anthemic without sounding cheesy, allowing tempo shifts to take the song in different directions as it progresses.

A good advert for the band, the EP is produced to a high quality and all of the songs promote the diverse aspects of the quartet's songwriting skills.