Sarah Harvey-Smart - Blinding

Russ Essom 17/04/2006

Rating: 3/5

Sarah Harvey-Smart is an example of the music that everyone hears, and no-one dislikes; the sort of music that, for some reason or other, creeps into any film featuring Hugh Grant.

You know, the ones where he is running down a street in the rain to shout “I love you.” in his underpants up to a 15th storey window, at which point some poor, unsuspecting babe leans out - “I love you too, Hugh”.

Alas, I digress - this woman makes beautiful music, and so she should, after an almost glittering career in the business of show-business until now - featuring in films and TV and radio stuff aplenty.

The track is a melodic mecca for the sort of women who read (and write to) problem pages; it's upbeat, but heartfelt and honest - the guitar riffs are reminiscent of Michael Bolton, and the lyrical sound is not dissimilar to something you could expect from Katie Melua or Norah Jones - only heavily more “pop”.