Editors - You Don’t Know Love

Tiffany Daniels 15/01/2010

Rating: 2/5

When Editors released Papillon, as their first single from third album In This Light and On This Evening, my hope for the band was renewed; my interest in their music had dwindled years previously, coinciding with their platinum selling and arena playing status, but in this new material my curiosity was revived and once more I began to appreciate that lead singer Tom Smith was not just a Paul Banks knock off.

Unfortunately, the second single You Don't Know Love has sent my gut feeling plummeting to the floor, to lie abandoned on the ground. I'm ashamed to admit that Editors truly are Interpol's less talented, British cousin; put simply, this single sees a bad cover band use synths from the 1990's, rounded off with less sinister-yet-sincere vocals. I doubt anyone other than Banks will ever be able to use this concoction to their advantage, particularly against such sparse instrumentation, and that's a lesson Smith should learn, quickly. Next time, more guitars, please.

Release date: 25/01/2010