Moonshot - Friday Street

Bill Cummings 09/05/2006

Rating: 3/5

This album from Moonshot, a London based songwriting/mixing partnership is a curious mixture of trip hop, ambient dance beats and poetic melodies. "Pink Tie" is a very odd track, mixing beats with what sounds like a female soprano's vocals, and is quite pleasant in an ambient coffee table type of way. "Do You Dream of Me?" and "The Space Between Us" have all the elements of a good Pet Shop Boys song: thudding beats are displaced by a melodic and camp set of lyrics. Elsewhere "Fight For Our Lives" is similarly camp: stuttering 90's beats are complemented by floating vocals.

"Read Him His Rights Malone" is a more jazzy effort, keyboards swaying, with 70's wah-wah guitars across the bluesy vocal and the uptempo euphoric chorus of "Read him his rights Malone/Sly and the family stone". The melancholic "Flood" sounds like New Order on a trip down to your local techno disco. The title track resembles Massive Attack with its trip hop style, rambling lyrics and the repeated refrain of "gonna make it easy for you on Friday street", all backed by stuttering beats, synths and another operatic voice; it's a neat track. Moonshot aren't quite as musically interesting and eclectic as they think they are, as this album is perhaps four tracks too long and repetitive in parts. Overall though its quite a good dance album with a interesting range of styles and poetic pop songs.