Papa Roach - Lifeline

Craig Broad 21/06/2009

Rating: 2/5

Ever since the timely release of Last Resort, a huge footnote within the success of the nu-metal scene, you couldn't argue that whoever is behind Papa Roach's single releases, is doing a fantastic job. Afterall, since then singles such as She Loves Me Not, the iconic Scars and most recent single Hollywood Whore have not only showcased an evolution for the band but also sold records to a division of music lovers that previously wouldn't have ever thought of picking up a Papa Roach record.

Lifeline is the latest single from Papa Roach and comes hot on the heels of previous single Hollywood Whore and the release of their newest album, Metamorphosis. Lifeline as a single, does everything that a Papa Roach song is expected to do with its radio friendly guitar riffs and emotional, reflective lyrics. That is, for me where this single goes wrong. While Hollywood Whore was happy to explore a different side to Papa Roach, Lifeline pretty much covers the same ground that was covered with any song on Getting Away With Murder and it's this reviewers thought at least that the next single should have been the contemplative Carry Me, which would have at least forced music lovers to believe that Papa Roach aren't a one trick pony.

None the less, this is Papa Roach. If you liked them before, you'll still like them and you'll appreciate this single release. If you didn't like them before, Lifeline most likely won't help to remedy this.