Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home

Tiffany Daniels 27/07/2010

Rating: 1/5

It's official; it's 2002, all over again. This morning I've been swamped with nu rave, nu metal and everything distasteful about the music industry's former years. I swear, at one point, my sister rudely interrupted me to ask for my advice on purple-black hair dye, while listening to Limp Bizkit and drinking a carton of orange juice by way of a small hole made in the corner of the bottom side. No…she didn't really, but she may as well have. I have stepped into a musical time warp, after all.

Two Door Cinema Club's 'Come Back Home' sounds like suburban town, American bubblegum po-punk before We Are Scientists made it bearable. The kind Sum 41 wish they could have made; that Fall Out Boy perfected with all of their silly hairdo's and skin tight jeans. It's not clever, and in this particular case it's not even witty or avec catchy melody. It grates at my nerves and makes me want to smash my computer's screen in. So I'm turning it off.

Release Date: Out Now