The Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Clark Summers 17/04/2006

Rating: 4/5

If you could make the Flaming Lips new single #1 for (x amount) of weeks while consigning Bryan Adams “Everything I Do (I Do It For You) to the incinerator of pop music history, would you do it? Yeah yeah yeah! obviously as this first taster from the Lips new album “At War With The Mystics” is thoroughly ace. Imagine a rejuvenated McCartney on an early seventies acid pop trip, all sunny major chords and hand claps coalescing into a deliciously warped but tasty whole. Seriously with all your power you should go out and do it (buy this single that is). The “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” is glorious evidence of a talent that's still in the ascendancy and backed with the excellent B-side “The Gold In The Mountain Of Our Madness” how could you possibly say no?