Vibration White Finger - Let It Go

Charlie Southwell 12/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

Definitely one of the more interestingly named bands I have come across recently. Welsh septet, Vibration White Finger (try googling that one. Crikey!) have effects galore merging with their riff based sound. Emphasised by the two piece brass section, which always adds that little bit of extra fun and aren't scared to create little anthemic moments of their own. VWF's debut single “Let It Go” has vocals spiralling in and out of focus, whilst the synth is dangerously hypnotic. The Brass section is straight out of a funky downtown movie adding a much-needed depth. The hard-hitting rhythms are Muse-esq and there are hints of that hard pop rock in the mix. Up beat and energetic VWF are asteroids ready to collide with a bigger audience.

It has to be said however that “Let It Go” isn't the best song on the single. The synth tears at the leg of the nation, whilst trying to dismiss the idea, as Matt's sickeningly rich vocals roar through guitar flanged world. It's not that it's bad, it just won't go on to win awards. A rather average song, but it's followed with “I Won't Do You Any Harm” which just happens to sit on the right side of amazing. It's a little more Joan Jett than you'd care to imagine. The rousing chorus could be a terrace anthem all day long but it also doubles up with the power to bring on fits of sporadic mosh pit jumping and lyrical sing-a-longs... It should really come with a health and safety warning. Look out for EP - “To Hell With The Standings” coming soon.