The Exits - Neon City

Helen Newbery 25/05/2008

Rating: 3/5

Opening the EP of the same name by Portsmouth's The Exits, 'Neon City', kicks off with some infectious synths, then the vocals start up, and, finally, some powerful guitars get in on the act. And all the while, those synths thread themselves insidiously through the track. The lyrics aren't exactly earth-shattering, although this seems beside the point, and if not quite the perfect three-minute pop song, it's a definite grower.

Wailing sirens herald the start of second track 'Three Minute Warning'. It's a stomping slice of electropop, with those synths back again, undercutting the thumping beat. There's more electroriffage on 'You Gotta Help Me Out'. However, the fact that 'Fever' is a disappointing end to the EP, with its plodding vocals and weak guitar riff, suggests that waiting a while before releasing an EP might have enabled the band to have released a more polished collection of songs.