Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Paul Cook 14/06/2007

Rating: 2/5

5 long years in the making and Maroon 5's second full length album 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long' is pop redefined. Badly. Electronic twangs and jazzy guitar riffs flavour the album throughout and the familiar pop elements are almost buried amongst a somewhat jaded idea of funk and soul.

Having hit number 1 in the UK already 'It Wont Be Soon Before Long' isn't really deserving of the podium. There is little variation from the typically jazzy guitar-funk sound and this soon becomes very tiresome. Adam Levine seems to have little else available to him than the high pitched, over stressed vocals that we heard from the triple platinum 'Songs About Jane.'

Current release 'Makes Me Wonder' is one of the better songs on the album yet still remains unfulfilling. Opening with a 'Wah' from the guitar and pattering of what can only be described as bongos, the chart hit is only really successful on one level and that's the catchy and aggravatingly unforgettable chorus. Most of the tracks on the album are much the same, with lack lustre verses and unimpressive choruses. 'Little of Your Time' is one such track which fails to deviate even slightly from the formulaic sound of 'Makes Me Wonder.'

'Nothing Lasts Forever' features on the album and is as much about showcasing Adam Levine's magnetic voice as it is about performing an easy cover. Disappointing really in the fact that no effort has been made to make it their own, Maroon 5 continually fail to impress throughout the entire album. That is until you reach the very last (bonus) track, 'Infatuation' which is a pleasantly up beat and incredibly catchy. The chorus is far from being as bland as the rest that feature on the album and the lyrics are beautifully matched to Levine's pitch-varying and mellow voice. The guitar solo feels a little out of place and try-hard but for a pop track 'Infatuation' should definitely be released as a single as it would be sure to top the charts.

The praise ends here unfortunately. Apart from an optimistic ending 'It Wont Be Soon Before Long' misfires on almost every track. Despite its longwinded 5 year creation, the new album feels rushed and slightly hollow. A good couple of tracks to start and a decent pop number to end are all that keep Maroon 5's much anticipated second album from being a completely fantastic flop.