Of Montreal, Math And Physics Club, Panda Bear - GIITTV zine Tips for 2007, Part Three.

Mike Mantin 30/01/2007

Of Montreal

American readers will no doubt laugh at me for choosing this decade-old band, but Of Montreal are virtually unknown in the UK, which could possibly change with their latest set of upbeat but dark-humoured disco-pop titled 'Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?' The perfect balance of The Shins and the Scissor Sisters, it's incredibly danceable but has that classic dark side in its confessional and deeply personal lyrics. It's out now on import and you can listen to two of the tracks on TheirSpace, as well as watch the leotard-tastic video for first single 'Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse below.


Math and Physics Club

A band who make their dorkish twee charm known before you've even heard them, Seattle's Math and Physics Club specialise in gentle, affecting indie-pop, with vocals that resemble the hushed tones of Stuart Murdoch, whose band is clearly an influence. Loveably lo-fi, these unabashed geeks are waiting to be discovered. Their debut album is out now, and you can download gorgeous opener 'Darling, Please Come Home' from their website or watch a lovely performance of that song below.


Panda Bear

Animal Collective member Panda Bear (aka. Noah Lennox) delivers his new solo album 'Person Pitch' in March and the bloggers are all over it, assembling an mp3 masterpiece already. Mixing his main band's love of musical exploration with Beach Boys melodies and vocals, the singles 'Bros' and 'Carrots' are dense, listenable and utterly unique, and his relentless creativity and past form should make this a staple of Best of 2007 lists. You can find some of the album's tracks through a search on mp3 aggregator The Hype Machine and watch a live video of the awesome 'Bro's', you guessed it, below.