People In Jars - For The Love Of Mia

Owain Paciuszko 27/10/2010

Rating: 2/5

Piano driven post-rock from Leeds quintet, this single is taken from their forthcoming album and sets the tone firmly in quietly-optimistic melancholy, the first two and a half minutes of its running time it's a sombre ballad that plods on relatively uninspiringly somewhere between the raft of piano-driven rock groups that emerged in the wake of Coldplay's ascent to stadiums. Fortunately around the two and a half minute mark it breaks free a little, with Adam Phillips vocals taking on a bit of a classic rock edge as he hollers over a splashy, portentous drum line and shimmering guitars.

Ultimately though the track is rather damp, drifting off as Phillips repeats 'You never seem to notice...' It showcases a band who can build a tune with considerable skill, but beyond a technical ability the song lacks an emotional hook to really pull the listener in.