Cass Fox - Come Here

Thomas 16/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

Cass Fox is a house music loving young North London lass whose swift ascent from shit job hell to working with Rollo Faithless to chart success seems to have been sadly at the expense of memorable tunes. A mix of soft dance rhythms and soul-pop, it's an album that should sell by the truckload but, whilst not being without merit, lacks a little on all fronts.

Bar a few flashes of imagination on 'God Likes Good
Lovers' (one of the worst song titles in recent memory) it's as musically wipe clean, strings-n-bleeps as you'd expect from Rollo Armstrong, and while Fox's voice is strong and lyrics heartfelt they never truly impress or illuminate. Has more 'edge' than Dido certainly, but so does a satsuma. A great rags to riches story, but not with the songs to make it feel like a true success.