Dance Lazarus Dance - Demo 2

Duncan Bradley 29/01/2008

Rating: 5/5

There is something immediately striking about this unlikely demo as genres are given a good Scottish kicking. The wanderings of various synthetic loops are totally offset by the presence of a live drum kit, creating a powerful fusion of rock and dance music. The obvious musical energy that accompanies the demo throughout is upheld by four strong Glaswegian vocalists pushing one another into a melodic lyrical display.

Take That, Jesus! reaches a dynamic perfection comparable to an early ˇForward, Russia! release, whilst Carmen Electro bears resemblance to Mindless Self Indulgence - albeit for the more composed listeners.

The Glasgow based five-piece have already enjoyed support slots with the likes of Head Automatica and Foals and with promising material such as this, 2008 promises to be an exciting year. Dance Lazarus Dance are within reach of having an incredible hold on a mind-bending genre that is seldom held.