Esser - Headlock

Alex Skinner 16/10/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Capable in its capabilities, Esser suplexes you into his magnificent single 'Headlock'. It's a fly-kicking electro-based tune for the youth of all ages, supplying beats to get you shaking your groove thing in amongst the dance floor.

The beauty is whithin the mix of fun lyrics that jostle in like Macho Man Randy Savage against pop steady synthed out beats. The end result is a groove doesn't allow you to submit after an aggressive Boston crab on your senses.

There's the right amount of pop based zing conjoining an indie styled vibe from Esser, me thinks this track will strike it lucky.

See more of Esser when this 'Gonzo' tour 2008 thing rolls into a town near you. Or check out the myspace. I think it is someone like Lane Zowe that usually intensely states: “THE GONZO TOUR TELLS YOU ALL THE NEW BANDS YOU SHOULD LOVE BECAUSE THEY ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!"