Take That - Patience

Patrick Hinton 16/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

Take That are back, and in a very short time they've shown us they still have the ability to fill up live arenas, but are they really ready for the business again, after a massive 10 year break from the music scene?

“Patience” is the name of their comeback single; it's what die-hard Take That fans must have been in their absence, because they have been waiting for over a decade for this single.

In summary this song tells us the story of a guy who's just finished a relationship, he needs a break before he starts a new relationship because his heart 'is numb, (it) has no feeling, and that he 'needs time'. This is a yearning love song in the style of earlier Take That tracks from the 90's, but being my age my main knowledge of Take That is that Robbie Williams was in it! But this song does give us a top showing of Gary Barlow the songwriter and no one else; I find the song gives you a warm feeling inside. The chorus reaches deep into your soul and pulls out a mixture of emotions, At 13 I feel the subject matter of the song most strongly. (Damn, that sounds soppy!)

Some believe that in the 90s, Take That stood for everything that was superficial and fake in the music industry. But comparing them to the other bands at the time, (such as the Spice Girls and Boyzone) they were much more talented and had more depth.