The Inconsolables - Hoverfly

Alex Skinner 04/08/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

With an 'in your face' eye popping cover The Inconsolables' sixth-some set out to shake the electro punk tree.

No lyrics within the strongest track 'Hoverfly' make sense but, hear ye, does it have to? The la la la la la la la la la la la la la tune is pretty tight with sturdy bass and acceptable synthy keyboards willingly growing into the chorus. A well constructed little number that ticks all the boxes in a squawky poptastic manner.

Going against the grain 'Hydra' lets fly and feels a little wooden in its sensibilities. Nonetheless I'm sure they will bounce around on stage like children on pop and smarties. It killed my buzz as it remained rooted in a one high speed, romping, bouncy pop gear.

The last track 'Surf Rats' reminds me of The Munster's theme tune so the benefit of the doubt is given.

The Inconsolables will branch out with 'Hoverfly' released on the 1st Sept 2008.