Quartershade - Statues

Dan Round 22/01/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Hailing from leafy Loughborough, Quartershade have gained some considerable attention for their guitar-heavy, anthemic style of retro rock. Blissfully unaware/wonderfully ignorant of contemporary guitar music trends, new single “Statues” really does hark back to pure and simple, bare to the bone rock music - and unashamedly so, too. It packs a punch.

Boasting brutish guitars, juxtaposed well with a sweet vocal, “Statues” is three minutes and seven seconds of roaring bittersweet rock. Brimming full of melody as well as catchy guitar and vocal hooks, the song is somewhat reminiscent of Pablo Honey-era Radiohead with a bit of added grit and metal. Brooding bass and repetitive riffs rattle the sugar coating of the pretty melody, adding to the band's distinctly raucous sound and striving to fulfil the promise of the lyrics - the song probably could “pull the statues down”
Although “Statues” with its high impact/high velocity rock doesn't really touch on any new territory for Quartershade, with a debut album expected this year they really would be onto a winner if they could pack the long-player full of songs of such strength.