The Five O'Clock Heroes - Speak Your Language

Alex Skinner 25/08/2008

Rating: 2.5/5

Ready for mainstream action the Five O' Clock heroes hail from the NYC, looking hungry for success.

The 'Speak Your Language' album lacks substance and continually wrestles with its own self worth featuring Agyness Deyn. Reverting back to love and the usual clichéd situations of relationships the songs get boring quickly.

When the song New York Chinese Laundry tune blasts in (although a catchy number) the lyrics don't go anywhere and resort back to looooove. Do we care about the laundry situation?

That single Who featuring fashion strumpet Agyness Deyn belts in shortly after. You can't really fault the single as it gives as much as it takes. The track is like a fish over troubled water, its bark is as big as its bite. Having an easy going love song with Agyness Deyn you can't lose. Did I mention Agyness Deyn sings on this?

Some other songs manage to manouver their musical head above the line of the ordinary, others remain and annoy the hell out of people. Alice is an example of this in its simplistic annoying manner.

The track Everybody Knows It is a certain winner for the Heroes. This song is a pleasure, a jewel encrusted diamond sprinkled in gold dust. A beacon of light that beams its rays on my world filled with peace and joy.

The album is a mixed bag yet, predominantly love scorched being filled with predictable love and relationship clichés. Oh yeah, it features Agyness Deyn?