Ashcroft, Richard - Words Just Get In The Way.

Tom Senier 10/07/2006

Rating: 1/5

“If you want it, you know I've got it” sings Richard Ashcroft on his latest sickly sweet offering. I don't want it, and he certainly hasn't got it (anymore at least).With a horrible piano part running throughout the song, and sleazy slide guitar, this song reeks of session musicians who probably worked with Natasha Bedingfield.

Fans of his latest album will probably enjoy the faultless production, and the overall lack of anything to challenge your ears. This song is: destined to be played to death in HMV - vaguely 'alternative' but ultimately lacking any depth, with a tired and bland vocal performance from start to finish.It would be nice to think that Ashcroft might call it a day soon, but something tells me that he'll be churning out turge like this for as long as people want to buy it.