Goldfrapp - Supernature


Rating: 4/5

This being Goldfrapp's third album, the follow up to 2003's fabulous release Black Cherry, the duo appear to have taken a step in the direction of glam rock inspired dance tunes. Mixing poppy synth melodies with heavy thumping bass and the occasional guitar, resulting in an album of wonderfully glamorous tracks, but like both previous albums, these are mixed with a selection of solemnly sombre tracks such as Time Out From The World and Let It Take You.

When I first put this album on, as it went along nothing really seemed to stand out to me. Each track passed by with out any recognition really that the previous one had ended. One thing I did notice though, was the lack of substantial lyrics in several songs, or over use of 'na na na's' and 'la la la's' as in both Lovely 2 C U and Satin Chic and of course Ooh La La also. Combined though, with Goldfrapp's pumping bass melodies and Alison's shimmering vocals - this does not become annoying; something of an achievement you could say. After a couple more listens, certain songs start to stand out over others; with more powerful vocals, bass and just all round better melodies. It will be interesting to see the choice of singles from this album!

It opens up with the simple but infectious rhythms of the first single Ooh La La, a good insight into the rest of the album - with its happy, bouncy chorus and memorable lyrics that you will no doubt be singing for the rest of the day! Lovely 2 C U follows in its footsteps. Fun, sing-a-long chorus with contrasting simple synth filled verses. The first batch of melancholy beats can be heard in You Never Know, a soothingly chilling song with familiar Goldfrapp traits to it. Another powerful, uncomplicated, gloomy song follows before the mood is lightened once more with the tinkling intro of Fly Me Away. Yet another song containing a characteristic that is becoming rather repetitive throughout each song on the album: the catchy synth melody driving the song along during the verses but then coming together with the bass to form an annoyingly even more catchy chorus! Satin Chic is the epitome of this and one of the highlights of the album, along with the excellent choice of single Ooh La La. Number 1, oddly wraps things up, it trundles along with a slow serene beat to it that sits nicely in between both styles of song, that have been present on the album.

Overall…. with the new direction this album takes, it cannot be compared to previous releases and I shall therefore not attempt to conjure up an opinion as to whether is better, just as good, or falls short of Black Cherry - it is different. The songs work well and compliment each other greatly. An album full of irresistibly catchy riffs and lyrics, with Alison's vocals adding much pleasure to the listen - it is bound to have anyone who hears it singing along within a matter of minutes with no fear of getting the words wrong - perfect!