Budda Cakes - The Budda Cakes Ep

Chris Yau 30/04/2006

Rating: 3/5

They say looks can be deceiving. I say names can be equally deceptive. Quite frankly, when I first stumbled across the name of this three-piece, I wasn't overly impressed and was tempted to ignore them. However, being the fair chap that I am, I decided otherwise. One spin wouldn't hurt. It turns out that The Budda Cakes have a refreshing array of variety on their EP. Every hard-rock shout-a-along is balanced with gorgeous, romantic balladry, the latter being much the stronger in my opinion.

"In My Arms" evokes the sort of loved-up feelings that you experience with your first true love and never again. The melody sways beautifully to the gentle acoustic strumming and is delightfully uplifting. "Erections" is perhaps the weakest song on the EP as it sounds dangerously like a poor imitation of the Beatles "Come Together". This, and the fact that the vocalist decides to sing in falsetto (which is tuneful but misplaced), confirms the mediocrity of the track. Again, names can be misleading. Despite this, the Budda Cakes EP is a collection of songs which stir up the emotions. Isn't that what we all want from the music we listen to?