Joe Worricker, SJ. King

Alisha Ahmed 22/06/2010

When faced by a new Rough Trade signing, I have no trouble admitting, that this fact alone will grant the release my attention at the very least, which if you figure about promos and launch nights, gives quite a fast track to Rough Trade acts to be granted access to my record player. I have not come yet to the point of bias, but that, I suspect, is because it's not necessary: the quality, still takes care of it pretty well.

So truth to be told, I'e stumbled upon Joe Worricker quite some time ago, when heading to The Great Escape in May he was already on my must-see list and then I had my first big surprise: you try to listen to Joe' EP, and guess his age and looks, then find his pictures and you'l know what kind of surprise I'm talking about. So to figure him out better, was one of my priorities for the launch of his self-titled debut EP, which to make a long story short, was just a real treat. First full band gig, EP showcased along with so many more beautiful songs it breaks my heart a little to think we are not going to be granted the possibility and pleasure to listen to them -constantly if needed- until next year, when the supposed release date of his debut album is set.

I won't lie and the cosy atmosphere granted by the Hoxton Hall, which was jazz-club-like for the occasion, probably also helped my clearly positive impression, but the truth is, I still have to find something not to love about a situation where I get to see Mr Joe Worricker perform. To link his soulful, deep voice to the looks of this cute boy (who, if he were around 40 years ago, would've been defined primarily as a Mick Jagger look-alike) gets my mind wondering upon the path of “fame' he's so young, where is he headed in the next 5 years?” His music is made quite unique not only by his voice's timbre, but also by his style, which is the result of tiny details borrowed from so many different things and genres that the only way I can sum them up as non-obvious-pop, but just-pop-enough.

One thing that I do believe needs a remark is Joe's stage presence, which I will admit, partially reveals his age, but which I also found managed so well for someone so young. At some point his voice is the only thing you can focus all of your attention to, but when the rhythm becomes catchy enough, I loved Joe's self-irony when managing his space and movements on stage. I do believe that is one of the qualitis he clearly possessed that will get this boy to develop a peculiar artistic talent along with a remarkable spirit. And do not be deceived by the pretty lights... it takes both for a person on stage to become a true artist, and for that, it seems to me like Joe is just on the right track.