LoneLady - Army / Intuition

Benjamin Short 30/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

In 2005 she unleashed her sensational underground debut, a double A side single by the name of 'Hi Ho Bastard / Fear No More'. In 2006 she astonished the A&R masses at Texan industry shindig SXSW. 2007 could be the year that a little know Mancunian rock 'n' Roll goddess called LoneLady at last gains the recognition she so deserves. This, her latest vinyl only release is quite sensational. 'Army' launches a rhythmic shock and awe assault, causing explosive devastation to every dirty dancefloor within range. Better still is 'Intuition', a fusion of bizarre atonal guitar sounds and a contagiously repetitive tune. Some will vilify LoneLady by mistaking her inspired musical nostalgia for laziness or a lack of creativity.

Admittedly, we've heard her lo-fi racket countless times before, and her breathless, sensual vocals are much alike those of her fellow indie vixens such as Karen O and VV. But since when was originality more important than raunchy riffs and lusty lyrics? Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Kills ripped off PJ Harvey. Polly ripped off Patti Smith. Repeat to fade. Let us ask Malcolm McLaren for his opinion: “Plagiarism is what the world's about. If you didn't start seeing things and stealing them because you were so inspired by them, you'd be stupid”, he so infamously stated. Who here wishes to disagree with the notorious figurehead of punk?

Release date: 29/01/07