The Django Black Ensemble - Demo

Emily Tartanella 29/01/2006

Rating: 3/5

Oh, the difference a good production makes. Brilliant name aside, Django Black Ensemble are positively damaged by the abysmal production on their debut EP.

The jittery-pop confection that is “Coastal Concert” manages to come out relatively unscathed. Riding on an infectious Ramones-style beat, it has enough energy and charm to override any technical defects. In fact, “Coastal Concert” might just be one of the better new songs this year.

So, frankly, what happens next is incredibly disappointing. “Glimmer Cross” sounds like a badly recorded live track with vaguely irrelevant lyrics and Joy Division overtones. Indebted to Minus The Bear and evenings of alcohol, it lacks the confidence necessary for a new band. Evidently these tracks were produced by someone with a hearing disability; they're muddy and occasionally slip into blandness. “Ghosts of Rock n Roll” is simply too similar to the songs that precede it.

In short, if Django Black Ensemble make some changes, come up with some new ideas and a new producer, they could be rather brilliant. But as of right now, (“Coastal Concert” excluded), they're simply forgettable.

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