Dan Black - Symphonies

Alisha Ahmed 11/07/2009

Rating: 1.5/5

It seems like Dan Black cannot stop trying, and if he can't make another serious music composition, he at least keeps on trying evoke it through his track titles. The first single from his now dissolved band The Servant was "Orchestra", now his first solo single is called "Symphonies", and it actually tries to call forth the concept of a symphony with the background strings, but the a-la-Rhianna beats, ruins his whole trying-hard-to-sound-serious thing as the PR bumf rightfully points out.

It might be that Dan is trying to detach himself from the disco-dance experience of Planet Funk for whom he was a vocalist for back in the day, but no matter how much he tries, that disco-dance beat is what he keeps on bringing with him on all of his music projects, and "Symphonies", which anticipates his forthcoming album ((un)), is no exception to this.

I have a lovely memories of Dan's time in The Servant because of songs like "Liquefy", but I am afraid that time is done and gone. And frankly, I'm not sure Dan's take on electro-beats are on the good side of what could be made with them.