Fiction - Curiosity

TC 18/06/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Debut single from four London boys that has just been granted Art Rocker's Single Of The Month. It's a quirky number, with a dominant bass line, giving it a semi-funk vibe, much like Talking Heads who are the latest outfit that it's cool to mimic! Highly tuned guitars and jocular lyrics about killing cats, as far as I can tell, all go towards the band being slotted comfortably into that art rock casket. There's a crispness to the production and delivery, which makes it all the more appealing, although there isn't really a great deal to make it stand out in the crowd. It's backed with 'Zebra Crossing', which doesn't seem to carry any themes of animal destruction. This number is cleverer than its partner, with some interesting sparring percussive and keyboard work. The vocals are spasmodic, giving it a degree of Adam & The Ants tribal eccentricity and it offers up more originality than Curiosity. An appealing offering then as a first course and indication that there is enough ability to raise their status with future release, so mark these guys down as ones to watch out for.

Out now.