Sunny Day Sets Fire - End Of The Road

Matt Churchill 03/03/2008

Rating: 5/5

With Supergrass' legacy as everybody's favourite band a well worn badge, and their insistence on making records that are really good, but not great, you might wonder where the next band of fun-loving musical heroes will come in. The industry is firmly against originality (unless it's been done a million times before) and seems to be resisting any sort of non-pop bliss. What the big labels cannot do however, is prevent the people from making their own minds up.

Enter Sunny Day Sets Fire. The exuberant quintet have written a batch of songs that are quickly being noticed by those in the right circles. Their second release, after 2006's Wilderness, is End Of The Road. No, not a Boyz II Men cover, but a brilliantly English Brit-pop tune (hyphen inserted to make the distinction between Britpop, naturally).

With a mix of Supergrass, Flaming Lips and the odd twist of the Kinks, SDSF are pushing all the right buttons musically. And no, they are not 110% cold-cut original, but they aren taking the right blend of the right bands and coming up with the right sound.

This is possibly one of the best tracks to have dropped on my doorstep in ages. Truly stunning, enough so to make them everybody's new second favourite band.